Welcoming Deputy Minister's Education of Ethiopian

April 5, 2013 Ethiopian delegation of the Ministry of Education by Mr. Ato 8 Fuard Ibrahim, Deputy Minister of Education and Head of the Ethiopian delegation visited and worked with the City University of Pedagogy. Ho Chi Minh City. On the side of the school with Principal Dr. Nguyen Kim Hong at BGH and the head unit joined to welcome the delegation. After an introduction to the country and education Ethiopia, Ato Fuard him Ibrahim and union officials have expressed interest in the issues related to education in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City National University. HCM for the purpose of learning experiences in the field of education and training of the school. Specifically, the issues of training, quality of student output, effective training, the quality assurance program for student scholarships, and training activities to enhance and foster professional teachers at all levels, the positive impact of City National University. HCM for social change Vietnam etc.

On behalf of the school, Principal Nguyen Kim Hong has satisfactorily answered all the questions and share experiences of City National University. HCM on issues that concern the Ethiopian delegation. The meeting took place in an atmosphere of intimacy and openness. End of meeting both sides expressed hope for future cooperation prospects in the field of education and training between Vietnam and Ethiopia in general, between City National University. City and the University of Ethiopia in particular.