Mission, Functions & Objectives


Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy is one of the leading universities in Viet Nam. lt is a prestigious institution with high standards, and provides quality Education and Field- based Training. lt is a dynamic and special University with some of the finest Human Resources Training and Scientific Research products (Basic Science and Educational Pedagogical Science) in the South of Viet Nam.

Positions and Functions

Ho Chi Minh City University of PedagogyHCMUP is a key university in education, which produces teachers with bachelors and post graduated degrees of high quality for the national educational system from pre-school education level to higher education level. It also is an important scientific, educational, and cultural research center with a special position in the national educational system in general and in the educational institutes‘ system in particular

HCMUP has a responsibility to assist schools of education, education and training departments of the provinces and cities in the south of Viet Nam and in the country to improve the quality of training, continuing and in-service training for teachers and scientific research. It also has a responsibility to research and promote solutions for issues related to the field of education as charged by the Ministry of Education and Training.

HCMUP is the unit that receives preferential all-sided investments in teaching staffs, facilities, equipments and finance from the government in order to guarantee quality and efficiency for the teachers‘ training and scientific research. Research that must match the demand to key universities in education and meet the development needs of the country.


Ho Chi Minh City University of PedagogyDeveloping high training standards, high quality teachers with Bachelors‘ degrees and post-graduates‘ degrees for all levels and majors in order to provide human resource for kindergartens, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, Schools of Education, and Educational Organizations in the South of Vietnam.

Retraining and continuing training in Professional Knowledge, Professional Skills for officers and teaching staffs at pre-school organizations, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools and Colleges of Education. These activities will provide opportunities for educational managers and teachers to enhance their standards, and access latest experience in organizing teaching and learning at school.

Diversifying training and academic programs in order to meet the diverse needs of development ofhuman resources with high standards in the social-cultural area.

Doing research in science and industry, especially in Educational and Pedagogical Science in order to raise the quality of teaching staffs, professional skills and increase training quality; engaging in problem solving in economics, sociology, and culture of the country, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and in southern VietNam.

Contributing to the development of curricula, textbooks, and teaching methodological reform in orderto raise quality in teaching at all levels in the educational system.

Collaborating in establishing building a national educational policy as well as solving the problems that emerge in the process of teaching and learning at a particular region.