Ho Chi Minh City Of Pedagogy
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Education (HCMUE) was established on October 27th, 1976 by Decision No. 426/T.TG, signed by the Prime Minister.
  • HCMUE consists of 22 faculties, 8 centers, 1 Institute for Educational Research, 1 Practical High School, 13 Offices, Departments and  Divisions, 1 Publishing House, 05 campuses including a dormitory which can hold more than 1,500 students.
  • HCMUE has 896 staffs including 556 academic staffs. 2% of academic staffs are assistant professors or professors; 20.8% are Ph. D holders and 61.4% are Master holders.
  • At present, the university has 33 majors at the undergraduate level and 29 majors at the post-graduate level (21 Master’s degrees and 8 Doctor’s degrees)

Undergraduate Programmes
Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy is a teachers‘ training center for many majors, many levels of the national education system that would meet the needs of the current industrialization and modernization of the country.
At present, the university has 33 majors at the undergraduate level; in which there are 21 teachers training oriented majors and 12 non-teachers training oriented majors.

  • Teachers training Oriented Majors: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Philology, History, Geography, Psychology - Education, English, French, Chinese, Bilingual Russian - English, Pre-School Education, Primary Education, Political Education, Special Education, Physical Education, Physical - Defense Education, History - Defense Education, Educational Management.
  • Non-Teachers training Oriented Majors: Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Philology, Vietnamese Studies, Vietnamese Language for Foreigners, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Bilingual Russian - English, International Studies

Graduate Programmes

  • Master's Degree: there are 23 majors:

Mathematics - lnlormatics: Analysis, Algebra and Number Theory, Geometry and Topology, Mathematical
Methodology; Vietnamese Philology and Literature: Vietnamese Literature, Foreign Literature, Literature Theory and Literature Methodology, Linguistics Theory; History: Vietnamese History, World History; Geography: Geography Studies; Biology: Microorganism Studies, Ecology Studies, Experimental Ecology; Physics: Theory and Physical Methodology; Chemistry: Theory and Chemical Methodology; Psychology Education: Educational Management, Psychology; French: Theory and French Methodology.

  • Doctor's Degree: There are 9 majors

Mathematics: Analysis, Geometry and Topology, Theory and Mathematical Methodology; Vietnamese Philology and Literature: Vietnamese Literature, Chinese Literature, Linguistic Theory; History: Vietnamese Ancient and Medieval History, Vietnamese Modern and Contemporary History; Geography: Geography Studies.

Scientific Research
Scientific research covers the following functions

  • Doing research in fundamental, natural, and social sciences;
  • Doing scientific research to raise the quality of training (including curriculum reform, teaching and methodological reform, applying computer science and communication industry to teaching and learning processes, verifying and estimating teaching quality, and ensuring teaching quality), contributing effectively to the reform process at higher education levels of general education.
  • Doing research in psychology, pedagogy, and methodology.
  • Doing research on the basics of regional and international education, promoting scientific solutions that meet the needs for future educational development and meet the missions of key universities in education.
  • Doing research on the development of regional and national industry, history, social, culture, literature, eco-geography, population, and environment.